Cup Cooler

Group Sous Vide
Min. Order 1 piece
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Update Time 2019-10-30
Product Description
Fast cup cooler features and usage:
            The cup cooler adopts the high-tech (TEC) semiconductor refrigeration chip to cool,the appearance is exquisite, fashionable and simple, small volume, cooling fast, low power consumption, convenient and easy to use. the lowest temperature of the cup cooler can reach to -15 ℃. power is 50W, volume size is small and simple, It is easy to carry for quick cooling drink, beer, fruit juice, tea drinks, you can quickly cool a cup of drinks in about 10 minutes, which let you can drink the delicious cold drink at anytime and anywhere. You can cool beer, cola drinks, coffee, juice, even homemade ice tea and anything else that you want to cool, When you work at office without a refrigerator , when you rent a house but don't want to buy refrigerator, when your home is small and not convenient to place the refrigerator, when you are not allowed to buy refrigerator in the student dormitory, when you drive hard for your business or travel, you can consider this fast cup cooler to drink homemade cold drinks at anytime and anywhere.

            Working Efficiency: Under no-load condition, The surface cooling aluminum sheet of the cup holder will be fogged and frozen for working 30 seconds , continuous cooling the surface of aluminum can reach minimum temperature of -15 ℃. 30 ℃ normal temperature water or drink beer can be reduced to 8-16 ℃ within16 minutes. Continuous cooling can reduce to 2-6 ℃ condition.(this data is obtained from the internal laboratory test. If you have any questions, please contact the us for consultation.)

Scope of application: water, beer, beverage, juice, red wine, yogurt, coffee, etc.