temperature control and water proof control sous vide equipment
temperature control and water proof control sous vide equipment

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Thermal Power:
1100W Max
Max Bath Size:



Product Description
You can easily set the temperature from 0-99°C and the timer for up to 99hours. It is built with a a state of the art 1100w heating element that will never burn itself out.

It has been designed with a special clothes peg style clamp to provide flexibility and convenience for cooks who want to use their own kitchen vessels of up to 15 litres or have limited space in the kitchen. When not in use it can be easily stored away taking up very little space.

 Meeting GS, CE, RoHS and other Standards
We work hand in hand with our manufacturing engineers and technical team to ensure the compliance of quality system requirements in production lines, and improve the productivity, quality and cycle time in an efficient manner. Quality control is conducted in the production within prescribed specifications and regulated procedures. These aspects and our expertise in design improvement help us prevail in the industry.

For your assurance, all our products are GS-, CE- and RoHS-approved. They sell well in Europe, the Middle East, South America and Southeast Asia.

Our sales engineers and consultants are well prepared to assist you in any aspect of your concern. Call now.
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